Oh Drama Live

Our live performance/silent auction is happening this Thurdsay night at the Vaudeville Mews.  Check out the FB event for all the details.

Storytelling Duke

Duke’s back to storytelling. “Like” Storytelling Duke on Facebook to catch all of the new tunes. Storytelling Duke’s just a man with an acoustic guitar and a banjo and the truth. And, he’s ready to share it with you all. Be warned, the truth can be a little raw and under-produced. If that’s what you’re into, enjoy. If you are not a fan of poorly recorded, demo-quality music that is at its lowest form consider a singer-songwriter sample, its only your fault if you’re still hanging around. Storytelling Duke don’t apologize.

Bury Your Dead

Occupy Somewhere

Power to those who choose to go to an Occupy gathering and show their support for the Occupy cause. Wall St needs a little shaking.

However, if you’d prefer to be more effective on Wall St’s bottom line and would prefer to stay out of jail or refrain from being maced, here’s a better idea…check your consumerism.

Maybe you hold off on getting the newest iPhone (blasphemy you say). Maybe you cut back on your gasoline usage and ride a bike to work 3-4 times a week. Maybe you quit eating the brand name products from the grocery shelves and just eat locally grown veggies and meats. Maybe you stop watching TV, using the Internet and back away from purchasing new products altogether. Driving down consumerism would be the most direct way to cut Wall Street at its knees.

But then again, we’re really not about making change, right? We’re more about making noise. Which is why we’re gathering at a state-owned park in the middle of Iowa. That will surely get the attention of Big Corporate.

Maybe I should have made some suggestions on how to get by on your own in county jail.

winner winner, chicken dinner

this post is a month belated.  we won best of city for Oh Drama!  woohoo!   we also took home best director and best original song.  our team advances to the international competition in Taos, New Mexico next March.  we must brainstorm ways to fund our trip because 1) we have a BIG team and 2) we’re a young team AKA broke.  perhaps you would like to attend this group garage sale.

Oh Drama

white poison industries is proud to present our entry to the 2011 48 Hour Film Project. At 7pm on Fri, July 29 we were given: a genre, a character, a line of dialog, and a prop. The next 48 hours were spent writing, shooting and editing this short film:

the zen ten

I RELEASED AN ALBUM HOLY SHIT.  uhmerikun zen is the combination of funky electronic hip hop (phase 2) and lyrical dimwitery ($trick9). our debut album is titled the zen ten. acquire it on itunes or amazon. here’s a sample. shout out to d3 for inspiring crazy dayzee.

post about my roast

i hate everyone who participated. i hope you hated participating too. i hate you.

winter formal ’11

post this video on your true love’s wall. you will receive a discount at the door.



Turbonaut dropped by the studio tonight to drop a Christmas Jewel.  Gather your family around the tree.  Happy Holidays!

Over One Million Served

robble robble.  our Big Mac Attack video has over 1 million views.